Online Portfolio

If you’d like to see more, click these links for my work at other websites:

My article at The Toast!

I write about monsters for Women Write About Comics.

I occasionally write about silly things for Rogues Portal.

Paper Droids, an online magazine by geek girls where I was on the editorial staff for the Art & Lit section.

Pop culture-y, where we write about all things pop culture.

Geekpr0n, a pop culture site based in Toronto.


I’m and editor for Chapterhouse Publishing, with a number of books coming out in 2017 including Captain Canuck, Northguard, Agents of P.A.C.T, and Danny Zabbal’s Life, Death & Sorcery. I’ve continued to edit Chapterhouse’s Toronto-based superhero comic The Pitiful Human-Lizard by Jason Loo.

I am an editor of Vol 3 and 4 of Toronto Comics, an anthology series highlighting the work of creators in Toronto. I’ve also contributed stories to both collections.

I wrote a story for Hogtown Horror called “Resurrectionists.”

Where to find me

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Be my friend on Goodreads – I write short reviews there sometimes.

Other Appearances

I discuss comics more casually as a guest on YouTube Book Club Quinntessential Comix.

As part of the editorial team for Toronto Comics, I’ve appeared on numerous podcasts including Speech BubbleIt’s Canon, An Elegant Weapon, IlluminateTO, and Curiosity in Focus.

I’ve appeared twice on the From Superheroes Podcast, the first time as a John Constantine expert and the second time to talk about Return of the Jedi.

I talked to Radio Free Krypton about editing comics.

I participated in a panel on Women in Star Wars for the launch of the May The Force Be With Her zine from the Space and Time Collective.

My work was also published in Vol 21 of the Queen’s Feminist Review (2013)

Sadly my reviews at Haunt of Horrors Press are now lost in the ether, but my guest comics reviews at Horror Honeys can still be found! (see more of my reviews in their “comics honey” tag)

I wrote briefly for Nerdstock, a space for non-straight-white-cisdudes to share their passion for nerd culture

One of my articles is cited on the Wikipedia page for Hellblazer:

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