It’s Alive!

“This blog is probably dead,” you say to yourself. It looks that way, but fear not! I’ve just been incredibly busy! I have a few ideas for eventual posts floating around in my head, but unfortunately I haven’t had that moment of manic inspiration that leads to most of my best content. Still, you lovely people deserve an update, so here’s what I’ve been up to:

I’ve got a new full-time job! And a new apartment! Being IN Toronto proper makes a huge difference, I’ve been going out and socializing, which hasn’t left as much time as I’ve wanted to get other things done. 2013 was a rough year for me, a sort of quarter-life crisis, but I’m so happy to be where I am now. I sometimes feel like my head might explode from all of the things I have to plan out at any given time, but comparing that to where I was this time last year, I can’t be anything but grateful. Everything has sort of fallen into place and I’m feeling optimistic about the immediate future! Hooray!

In the real-life sphere, I’ve also joined the X-Men of Toronto, a cosplay-based charity organization. Come on out to our events if you live in the GTA!


The X-Men of Toronto. Photo by Derek Cutting.

Additionally, I’m proud to announce that in addition to frequent contributions, I’m now an editorial assistant for Paper Droids!

Haunt of Horrors is now defunct, but my reviews are still up if you want them. I’m still writing for Pop Culture-y, and will continue one day, hopefully, be able to write for a fully-operational Nerdstock. If you like pictures, you can also check out my Frankenstein-themed Tumblr blog.

I’m also editing dialogue for the new Toronto-based comic series, The Pitiful Human Lizard, and I’m helping the owner of weirdshitblog with an upcoming short story collection.

Unfortunately, all of this meant that my YouTube channel died as quickly as it was born, but check it out anyway if you like books! When winter hits I might update it again sporadically but I don’t want to make any promises on that front…

There’s still my Facebook page and Twitter, where I try my best to update whenever I write something new, plus the odd observation or article shared.

I’m trying to do as much writing as I can, and if you can believe it, I’ve got my eye on a few more opportunities! I’m sorry I don’t post very often, but I hope that infrequent but (mostly) quality content is preferable to frequent hollow updates. I’ve had some notes on werewolves and how much I love them in my drafts for months, but I might end up publishing that somewhere else. We’ll see! Is there anything you’d be curious to get my thoughts on? Want me to discuss anything in particular? Been reading anything interesting?Shoot me a comment and if I’m inspired maybe you’ll get a post out of it.

Thanks for following, everyone.

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  1. Henry Frankenstein

     /  August 13, 2014

    Hi, Allison. It’s me Jim or James as I go by in more professional circles. I was one of the writers on hauntofhorrors. It’s by happenstance(ie:stalking) that I found this blog(or whatever horrifying thing this is) and found you or a facsimile there of.
    I wondered whatever became of hauntofhorrors and why it was abandoned. I always had faith in it, even when it was being run erratically. There was never anything further issued from Gabe about what happened and I’m curious about your perspective on the matter.

    Anyway, I’m happy to see you doing VERY well. You always had an eccentric quality with many attractive peculiarities and a refreshing insight into classic entertainment, which far too few from this generation have. I wish the best for you in your endeavours and hope that you only have continued success. You are a good reviewer and write some fascinating insights into comic culture, though I’d like to see more into classic literature, since I know you are particularly well read.
    And you look simply adorkable as Scarlet Witch(?) My apologies for my (shameful) ignorance of comic books if I got that wrong. I didn’t even know about “Guardians of the Galaxy.” I had friends who had to explain who they were. I still mean to see that.

    Kind of embarrassing.

    Well, keep writing and make sure to jot something down everyday. It’s an old piece of advice my journalism professor always told me and it’s true. Even if you only write down bits of notes or in my case, dialogue, it’s something and keeps the mind active rather than idle. I’ve made the mistake of abandoning projects when they were most fruitful and that spark can be awful hard to ignite if left absent for awhile.

    And just one more thing, the word on the street is that you dig those lovable lycanthropes. You know, like that furry guy that Lon Chaney Jr. always played? Well, it just so happens that I just had a book come out with a story in it about those creatures, in fact it’s an entire book about wonderful werewolves! It’s called “Stranger Worlds: Luna’s Children” and is available on Amazon, so for a good time….I better not go there. If you need your fix, pick up a copy and help a starving artist out…you know, like me!

    So, take of yourself. Read “Frankenstein,” again. Watch the 1931 movie again. Frankenstein rules, Wolf Man drools. And next time I write about vampires, I’ll make sure to pepper it with as many Twilight jokes as possible, in your honor.
    I know you simply ADORE them.

    (insert pretentious valediction)


    • Hey! Unfortunately life got in the way of Haunt of Horrors – Gabe started a new job, so I came on to help, but then I got a job and neither of us had time to run the site alone, especially since most contributors were only writing erratically at the end. I suggested that we bring in more people to help, but it just never materialized so um, here we are! Thanks for tracking me down – I’ll definitely check your book out! I do love werewolves a lot and I’m starting to realize that I vocalize that fact too often probably, but whatever. Good luck with everything you’re working on these days!


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