Tonight marks my final night at Queen’s

The housemates are gone and the internet in our apartment is off, so I’m sitting in the mostly empty student centre so I can use the internet

I can hear people downstairs on their way to the final Throwback at the campus club

I was looking forward to having a night to pack by myself, but forced solitude always bums me out a bit

I’ve had a pretty incredible time for the past four years, both here and at the Castle in England

I’ll miss my housemates, being able to see them whenever I get home, when we would tell each other about the minutiae of our days

I’ll miss my choir, the constant in my life, singing every Sunday night

I’ll miss the Castle, experiencing Wales and Morocco and France and many parts of England for the first time, and getting to take itty bitty classes in a court yard

I’ll miss some of my English classes, having the free reign to discuss literature however I wanted to with people who wouldn’t be frightened off by big words or uninteresting subject matter

I’ll miss walking down to the lake on sunny days

I’ll miss trips to Dairy Queen in the rain and late night runs for Froot Loops and Classic Rock nights and Halloween with friends from Ottawa and choir rookie nights and housemate fashion parties and pre-drink sessions before a messy night at Ale or Stages

I won’t miss the arts-based budget cuts and Conservative, pro-rich-white-men attitude that pervades this university

but I’ve had some pretty incredible experiences and I wouldn’t trade them for the world

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