The Pink Princess, by Allison, age 9

So I haven’t really had anything to blog about this week, so here’s a story I found in my memory box that I wrote around my 9th birthday. I seem to remember wanting to send it to “Incredible Story Studio,” a kids’ anthology TV show, where they filmed versions of stories sent in by viewers. Thankfully, I never sent it in – fiction, we’ll say, is not my strong suit. I have maintained typos for posterity’s sake, and added commentary in orange. For extra effect, the whole thing is written in my best cursive writing. I feel like this needs to become a comic, Axe Cop style…

“The Pink Princess”
There once lived a girl named Adelaide. [This was around the time I totally inappropriately played a “Hot Box Girl” in Guys and DollsWhen she was six months old a chemical spilled on her. A few months later there was a fire and her parents died were separated from her. On her 9th birthday the chemical recacted and she became…
THE PINK PRINCESS!! [There is a curve underneath the exclamation points, turning them into a smiley face]

Illustration by NAMOI
Adalaide had a secret castle under ground. When she was out of her castle she looked like a normal girl, but she wasn’t! [gasp!] The pink princess was a superhero, she wore a pretty pink dress, a light pink feather scarf, a dark pink princess hat and a pair of black knee-highs. [fashion icon over here] When shes a normal person she wears a blue tank top, a black scort, purple sandals and a pink headband. [in case you hadn’t guessed, I owned all of the clothes described] Here is a list of her atacks and abilitys: flying, invisisibilty, sing, electric punch, fire kick, water punch, razer throhgh, slap and sleeping powder flower twirl. [I think that I, erm, Adelaide, may have been a Pokémon] One day fire-pants Fred came to the city and fire-pants Fred was a villain who escaped from jail 17 times! Fire-pants Fred got very mad because when he was little everyone made fun of him. Everyone called him this because he studyed fire and and always wore red pants. His name was always Fred.
Adelaide used her scanner to track him down the first place he was was (as every villain, just kidding) the school. he forgot that his “friends” had grown up and he planted a bomb in the school.
The pink princess went to the rescue she got the bomb at 5 and threw it in a lake. [Wow, it seems like that could have been a whole story itself – I spent more time describing my clothes than detailing how I actually would stop the villain. I had my priorities straight.] She and the city were relieved. Fire pants Fred got very , very mad!! [ >:-[ ]They met next at the fire station, (no wonder!!) “Your never goining to beet me.” said Fire pants Fred. “Oh yeah?!” said Adelaide. When Fire pants Fred was close to the wall she was about to use razer through but he threw a smoke bomb and got away. Adelaide made this plan: razer through to get him stuck on the wall, water punch to confuss him, invisible to confuss him more, electric punch and slap to show him whos boss [I was so clearly destined to be a Buffy fan] and sleeping power flower twirl to have time to get the police. She found him and he threw a smoke bomb and hid. So to reel him in she used sing. “Laa Laa Laa Hmm Hmm Hmm” she said waving her arms. Razer throgh, water punch, invisible, electric punch, slap, sleeping powder flower twirl. The police came and got him. They thanked the Pink Princess and on the way to the car they whispered things like “Who is she” and “She could join the police.” The next day she was walking and all of a sudden a puppy stole her head band and started running the way toward Adelaide’s house. [acrobat dog?] The puppy ran downstairs and into the castle. The puppy pushed a button on its collar. A movie ended up on the wall it said: “I’m pinky, I’m a mesenger from your parents they will come and would like you to put this big plastic frog on the lawn.” [Dude, why are you trusting the mystery puppy? He could easily be a bad guy. Plotholes, younger self!] So Adelaide did as the movie told her to and put the frog on her lawn. [I assume that the frog is to denote her house, but since the puppy already knows where she lives, I don’t see why he couldn’t just take her parents there…] The next day her parents came and told her “You might think that chemical gave you super-hero powers, but but you were born with them. So we are super-heros to.”
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