Premature Posting: Yay Summer!

Hey. Hey guys. You know what this is?

An Eddie Izzard t-shirt is an acceptable but incorrect answer.

The final English paper of my second year! Gender Relations in Sir Gawain and the Green Knight… because I was feeling uncreative when I was writing the title. Now I just have to make it through 4 exams, and then summ.. Right. Working. So not really a break at all.

It’s weird actually, I was talking to friends who are graduating this year, and who are going off to get real jobs with real salaries. We were talking about how cool that sounded – the idea of being shoved out into the world, being expected to fend for yourself, became “cool” somewhere along the line, and no one told me. Remember when you were a kid, and summer meant playing outside? My friends and I would make crafts, explore a nearby ravine, or set up sprinklers – or, if we were lucky, Crazy Daisies and slip n slides – in our backyards.

When we were really young, we would head to the park, before they made everything of plastic for “safety” reasons. In retrospect, most of the really fun apparati were pretty dangeous: Slip ‘n Slides, the hanging tires at the park, home made rope swings (especially those over water), even climbing trees frequently ended in injury. But it was always worth it.

Summer for me this year will mainly mean processing mutual funds. But it’s not all bad, because now it can also mean driving with friends to the Elora Gorge or to the Stratford Shakespeare Festival to see a show. It can mean outdoor concerts in Toronto, grabbing lunch on a patio somewhere, and late night walks to star gaze. Hey, it can still mean exploring the ravine and playing on the rope swing. I am not above that. The difference now is that I have more freedom. And also a car. I still have two years before I am thrust into the world, and even then, I doubt I’ll stop doing stupid things. I just do different stupid things, mostly at night now.

So yeah, part of me is really excited at the prospect of going out on my own, moving to a cool place and doing something I like doing every day. Until very recently, I wanted to do theatre. Musical theatre, to be exact. I decided to major in English because I’ve always really liked reading, but never so much the writing part. Obviously I’m doing quite a bit more of that now, and it’s starting to actually excite me. I can happily envision myself being a critic or theorist, something other than the actress I have imagined since I was 8 or so. And to be clear, I really don’t see this as “giving up on my dreams” or anything, of which I have been accused. My interests have shifted, it’s a good thing. You crazy drama kids can have lots of fun with your shows, and I’ll miss that sometimes, I admit, but I’ll keep writing and reading, and be just as excited about it. It’s good news.

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