Childhood Winters with Mitch

It’s beginning to look a lot like Winter… Actually, beginning is a misnomer. There’s snow everywhere and it’s cold, and it’s been like this for a while. Welcome to Canada.

But this got me thinking about winters of my childhood, many of which were spent with my bestie, Mitch.

Now for a collection of winter-related vignettes starring these two fine young ladies.

1.We both really loved Lord of the Rings when we were 12ish. Well, we still love it, but not the same level of rabid fanboyishness these days. One winter, there was this massive pile of snow on my front lawn, so we did what any self-respecting LoTR loving children would do: we turned it into a hobbit hole. Which is essentially a mound with a hole in it, which we covered in chunks of dirty snow which we referred to as “décor”. I was called Mr. Frodo by my friends, and she was called Pippin – her sister didn’t have a LoTR name, so she was Bill the Pony for the night. It had pretty awesome landscaping, better than any other snow forts I’ve ever had.

2. A) For years, Mitch’s family would cover their backyard with plastic sheets and spray them with water, thereby creating a skating rink in their backyard. We were “back door neighbours” – we lived behind each other. She still likes to tease me about one time, around 10:00 at night, they were skating back there, and I shouted from my bedroom window (which faced their backyard) and told them to quiet down so I could sleep for school the next day. I was a lame kid, I admit this.
    B) My fondest memory of that skating rink was “Beauty and the Beast on Ice”, as we called it. We watched Beauty and the Beast: The Enchanted Christmas and decided that we should adapt the following song into a skating routine on the rink:

EDIT (04/14/2011): Booo the video I had was removed. If you’re really interested, the song was “A Cut Above The Rest” from the Enchanted Christmas movie. It was pretty awesome.

I was Lumiere, Mitch was Belle, and her sister was Cogsworth. I don’t think we ended up performing it for anybody, but we had a lot of fun learning the song and making up a skating routine.

3. Over March Break one year, we went skiing at Blue Mountain. I guess we were there for St Patrick’s Day, since there was a dude at one of the lifts who covered himself in green accessories and called himself Paddy O’Furniture. We thought that was totally hilarious and so creative. We got a photo with him (no idea where it is now) but I remember being disappointed when we left without getting a photo in front of the sign for a trail called “Lover’s Lane’.

4. We saw Evil Dead: The Musical a couple of years ago, and we had to figure out how to balance not freezing to death on the way to/from the subway, and not getting our jackets covered in the fake blood they threw at us. Mitch was hit especially hard:

It was super snowy, so not only were we sticky and red, we were super wet. So much snow, in fact, that we had a snow day the next day, so that was cool – especially after I had been up until at least 2 am trying to wash all of that off.

5. We went to Vaughan Mills when were 13/14 for the first time in December. Since the place is so huge, they had two mall Santas, and there were no kids around the one in the Bass Pro Shops, so we hung out with him for a while. He was hilarious, asking us these ridiculous questions, like “I don’t care what you want – but what do you deserve?”. I had just bought Mitch a bumper stick that said “5/4 People have trouble with fractions” on it – and we deduced that that was about all we deserved. That guy was a champion, I salute him wherever he is. After talking with him, we explored the Bass Pro Shop, hiding in tents, among other things. Then we took this picture in one of those photo booths:

We were very ready for Christmastime, as you can see.

We had many more good times in winter (such as several New Year’s parties, watching Hercules or painting new Year’s banners) and the rest of the year (creating shenanigans at the Zoo, the Science Centre, African Lion Safari, or just around the neighbourhood) and I suspect dedicated readers will be hearing a lot about Mitch. Consider this a belated birthday post. Love you, you crazy girl. My childhood would have been significantly less awesome – and insane – without you.

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